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Specialty Structures USA

Helping consultants and contrators build innovative structures

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Cassie Campbell

Community Center

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Ave Maria Church

Architect: Cannon Design
Scope: Single Storey 30M Hight Steel Frame Structure
Location: Naples, Florida, USA

CLYMB, Indoor Skydive

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Scope: Glass Flight Chamber Installation Client: Miral


About Us

Specialty Structures USA is a group of Architects and Engineers with a passion for Research and Innovation in the construction industry – buildings & bridges. Founded by Architect Mark Tiedman and Architect-Engineer Maqsood Ahmed, our team of experts have helped build creative projects in over 20 countries with innovative materials and shapes.

We partner with Research centers in academia as well as cutting edge industry experts across the world in creating and promoting new technologies for the design community

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Dr Eng Jorg Schlaich and Maqsood Ahmed
Our Services

What We Do

Skylights / Domes / Grid shells

Bring natural light into space with an artistic touch.

Specialty Facades - Glass/Aluminum

Make your facade stand out with several architectural options in aluminum, steel and glass.

Artistic Canopies

Add icon elements to highlight your enterance eith artistic canopies - several technologies and meterials to chose from.

3D Organic Shapes with structural FRP

No meterial can bend to creat 3D organic shapes except structural fiber reinforced plastics. Adopt FRP technology to highlight your project.

Long Span Structures / Sports Facilities

Indoor or outdoor column free space gives flexible for use. Many New technologies and meterials available for creating large span spaces.

Spider Glazing / Cable & Glass Facades

Specialty glazing effects are available with slim supports such as stainless steel wire ropes and fittings and spiderd or patch fittings.

Glass Stairs / Acrylic pools

Enhance the real estate value with glass stairs, design pools in 5 star hotels with panels as special features.

Iconic Foot Bridges

Architecture of pedestrian bridges can make the bridge as a landmark of the area. People living in the are feel the sencse of belonging to artful structures.

SS Mesh Structures

this is an un-explored artistic meterial that is structurally strong and used to create special spaces for open air enclosures .

Fabric Structures

They are not just for parking shades. There are more their 50 types/grades of fabrics for use in hotels, shopping complexes, hotels, public spaces, stadiums and more.

Our Concept

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Specialty Structures USA is a group of Architects and Engineers with a passion for Research and Innovation in the construction industry – buildings & bridges

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